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A boundary survey formally defines the boundary lines of a property. There is a specific focus on defining the corners of any parcel of land. Boundary surveys are the most common type of property survey and they are usually performed before anybody improves upon or builds on land.

Measurements need to be exact for the drawings and coordination of documents to be accurate so it is important to have a professional perform this work. The expert land surveying team of Lakewood takes pride in delivering timely, informative and above all accurate surveys for whatever project you have.

When a surveyor comes up with a drawing it will usually include lot dimensions. Lot dimensions are meant to show the exact lines of a piece of property and they usually come from a deed or a subdivision plat.   

What does a boundary survey cost?

There are quite a number of variables that affect the price of a boundary survey. Some of these are due to the accessibility and difficulty of movement on a parcel of land. The size of the land makes a big difference. Seasonal variations also play a part. Boundary surveys will typically run from $100 up to $600.

The Surveying Process

First, the corners of the property need to be located and verified then a marker will be placed in each corner. After physical standing markers are in place the surveyor will spray paint in a bright color to ensure clear visibility. The survey commissioner, or client, will be choosing whether they want improvements or structures to be shown in the drawing. Anything from a new home, a shed, a pool to a simple fence is common. The surveyor will then take note of any possible encroachments or easements. This will all become a legally binding document and must comply with all state rules and regulations.

Typical Components of Boundary Surveys

Registry research is the first and one of the most significant steps in completing a boundary survey. Oftentimes the surveyor must do serious research in the county registry. Whatever information the registry of deeds cannot provide, private and public research will have to fill in the gaps as these are essential for an accurate and efficient boundary survey. Lakewood land surveyors will often use a variety of sources for this, including state agencies, historical society‘s and even other land surveyors.

When this research is all done, we must then get ready for the deed sketch. A worksheet will be created that identifies record calls along the existing boundary line. It’s quite common for a boundary line to have many different distances (known as calls) measured along the years. Research is key! We love working with an original deed but we don’t always have this luxury. 

The most substantial component of a boundary survey would be considered the field reconnaissance. This is where the property is being explored and corners are marked. This data is all entered and analyzed and its mathematical accuracy is validated. 

After all this the surveyor can begin coordinating the final plan. This plan is a legal document that is in compliance with the state board of licensure. 

It’s important to remember that a poor survey or a poorly conducted survey operation can have serious effects on any project. If there are mistakes it will usually end up with landowners disputing property lines, potential royalties lost, violation of local codes and potential title defects. 

This is why it is so important to have an expert team perform these jobs – like the top notch land surveyors of Lakewood, CO.

We look forward to working with you!