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What is a land survey?

When a land surveyor places his or her signature on a document, they are attesting that document’s accuracy. To insure a high level of accuracy, every job will be given our greatest effort. 

The survey pros of Lakewood, CO have access to tens of thousands of records dating back to the late 1800’s, allowing us to find information on almost any parcel of land. If we can’t find the records we need or the necessary documentation, we will expand our search to the county courthouse. Courthouses have what is known as a chain of title. This keeps records straight and consistent. 

Our expert field crew, armed with research, then head to the property to conduct their measurements. Marking property corners, measuring structures on the property and noting any possible intrusions on the property are just a few responsibilities of the field team. 

This and all other data acquired will be put together for a plaque, deed or any other document our clients request.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate well with our customers and find out what their true needs are. It is typical for client to call in, thinking that he or she needs a fence line survey when they actually need a full boundary line mapped. There are many examples like this where confusion sets in but our professional team is here to mitigate that and make sure your money is spent correctly the first time. 

When do I need a land survey?


We believe it is so important to have a survey completed before any real estate transaction takes place, before land is divided and before any titles are transferred between parties.

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surveyor equipment theodolite at construction site

Having an accurate survey completed by true professionals up front – helping you to know exactly what you’re buying – puts you way ahead of the game. 

​It’s also good to know that if a neighbor has had his property surveyed and you haven’t, it is common for issues to start showing up.  Neighbors are meant to be friends and allies, but when this essential service is lacking, they can become enemies or nuisances.

Let’s take a look at some of the common surveys our experts are able to offer you:

This is one of the most common jobs we perform. It involves locating the boundary lines and corners on a parcel of land. Both record and field research is required. We can also involve locating encroachments and easements.

  • ALTA

These surveys are the most strict and are generally used for big developments, especially when a lot of money is changing hands. One of the main missions is to show a relationship between improvement on the property and the property’s deed. 

  • Construction

This is when we stake out structures on the property like buildings, roads, walls, etc.  This generally helps construction personnel follow their development plans. 

  • Location

These are commonly used to obtain loan applications or zoning permits. It’s focuses on the documentation of interior construction and  improvements.

  • Site Planning

These are commonly used to obtain development permit applications. They are typically needed before construction gets started. 

  • Subdivision (Partition)

Long story short, this is when a parcel of land is divided into smaller pieces. These must be recorded by government agencies.

  • Topographic

The goal of these surveys is to document the lay of the land along with any structures or physical features on that land. These are typically not limited by property lines.

  • Our certified team also provides FEMA flood certificates, as built surveys and condominium maps. 
ALTA survey taking place with theodolite

How much does a land survey cost?

They cost anywhere between $100 and $1000 but typically end up around $500. That doesn’t necessarily mean yours will cost as much and you will find our price is very competitive, especially with our level of professionalism. Property size, geographic location and terrain all play a role. 

The industry and history 

Educating our clients is one of the most important parts of the job. The survey pros of Lakewood put together some information to help you understand a little about the history and methods of this industry:

When it comes down to it, surveying is basically the science of taking big measurements. Rulers and protractors work great for small and medium sized projects but they can’t help much on a large piece of land. 

If you’ve ever been driving and you see somebody on the side of the road looking through a tripod of some sort, that was a surveyor. We are known as a civil engineers most important companion. That’s because almost every single civil engineer in project starts with a survey. The slope and topography of the land along with the location of existing infrastructure and legal boundaries are essential data needed before construction takes place. 

Humans have been building big things for a long time. That makes our industry full of tradition and history. All the wonders of the ancient world would have started with someone using the geographical and geometric tools of the time along with learned expertise to lay out the land. Surveyors are responsible for creating accurate maps of the continents. The great trigonometrical survey of India took almost 70 years to complete.

The technology used back then was called a theodolite which provided distances and relative angles. Needless to say, the survey pros of Lakewood have access to much more sophisticated technology.

This is one of the oldest and most important careers in the world. That’s because humans have been building things for a long time, we generally do it on land, the land we own is typically a large investment and most of the places we go are on land. 

George Washington was actually appointed his first government position as a land surveyor for Culpeper County, VA.

We have a passion for this business because it’s such an exciting mix of technical challenges, fieldwork and legal knowledge (the last one’s not quite as fun). 

All the pertinent legal and land information needs to be found before the field crew even gets started.  

We mentioned before that one of our goals is to find easements and encroachments. These words aren’t typically used in our day-to-day lives so they cause some confusion. 

Easement (law) – A legal right to cross or use someone else’s land for a specified purpose.

Encroachment – intrusion on a person’s property, territory or rights. 

So give your local, expert land survey company a call and we’ll guide you through every step in this process. Whether you know exactly what you need, have general questions about the process, or you just want to find out what the next step is.. we can help.